Maaya's Super Sub Dashboard
Super Sub Ultimate Checklist
Upload Sub Data from Twitch Monthly

Subscriber data is auto-updated from Twitch events but it will only get the ones actively shared to your chat. Upload the CSV data once a month to keep track of the private subs/resubs as well.

Upload Sub Data
Add Mugshots for Subs

Upload mugshots for each user and it will show up on their sub card.

Add Mugshots
View and Save Digital Sub Cards

Search by username to see their digital sub card and save it as an image to share with subs.

Sub Cards
Use the Sub Card Overlay to Show/Hide on Stream

Sub Cards can be shown via chat commands with the overlay using !subcard [username] and hidden with !hidesubcard

Get Overlay Link
Check Who's Brand New This Month

Select by year and month and see who the newest subscribers were for that month.

See New Subs
Share the Mugshot Claim Form

Mugshot requests with references can be submitted via a form now instead of DMs.

Open Form in New Tab
Display Mugshots on Stream with Mugshot Overlays

There's a Mugshot Slideshow overlay that will cycle through all of the uploaded mugshots and a Mugshot Channel Points Redemption overlay that allows viewers to use points to redeem any user's mugshot as an alert on stream.

Slideshow Overlay Channel Points Overlay